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In accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, from November 13 to January 15, the exhibition hall of Media Center, Underground Museum and the museum of the Old English Court are closed.

Educational programs

Space Garden
Do plants need soil? Is it possible to clone a violet? What science will help to grow seeds that laid more than one thousand years, what does a cosmic greenhouse look like? Interesting? We will tell and show everything!
(Not) Just Chemistry
Chemistry is the greatest science that studies the whole world, from humans to the cosmic dust of distant galaxies. Let’s discover the secrets of this science together!
Rocks Around us
The program will tell about the most interesting minerals and which of them people use for aircraft construction, civil construction, and battery production.
Russian Arctics. Mystery of Captain’s Diary
Imagine you hold a ship diary of a northern land explorer in your hands. What will you do with it? Would you dare to travel to the Arctic? We invite all adventure lovers to an exciting journey!
Slime Studies
Slime is a toy made from a viscous jelly-like material. Slime can be crushed, dropped and used as a sticky weapon. Make a New Year slime with your own hands with the help of science!
Blue Tone Photos
Creating “photographs” without camera or phone is reality! We invite you to learn photographic printing with bright blue color in semitones and shades.
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City Guardians

Our scientific community is engaged in the study of air, water and vegetation samples in Moscow. Hurry to join and learn all about the environment of the region.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
First Aid

An unexpected situation may occur at school or at work, on vacation or on the road. Time and correctly provided first aid are the guarantees of survival of the injured. The fascinating program “First Aid” will prepare you for the unexpected.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
GMO, Where Are You?

GMO is one of the most popular spooky stories of our time! But is GMO so harmful? At the program you will learn if we should beware of modified corn and what tasks genetic engineering of plants helps to solve.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 15+
Genetic Detective

Is it possible not to leave fingerprints at the crime scene? What is a genetic profile and are there identical genetic profiles in the world? If you are a detective fan, come to "Genetic Detective" and conduct your own investigation as a forensic expert.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 15+
Where Does Khan Altai live?

Altai is a picturesque region in Russia, a place of power and hundreds of contrasts. At the program, you will get acquainted with the biggest nature reserves of Altai and the animals living there, open the secret of Altai health and learn about the local traditions of worshiping the spirits of nature.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
Who Can't Drink Milk?

Milk is one of the most important and valuable food products that is beneficial to humans’ health. Is this really so and why the body of some people does not accept lactose — come and find out the answers to these questions from the genetics point of view.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 15+
Educational programs in Zaryadye are supported by:
Сколковский институт науки и технологий
Московский государственный университет им. М.В.Ломоносова
Российская академия наук
РХТУ им. Д.И. Менделеева
Московский городской педагогический университет (МГПУ)
Городской методический центр
ГУП Природоохранный центр
РНИМУ им. Н.И.Пирогова
Экоцентр Заповедники
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