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In accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, from November 13 to January 15, the exhibition hall of Media Center, Underground Museum and the museum of the Old English Court are closed.


The tours will tell about the structure of the park,
the peculiarities of its landscape,
architecture and botanical collection,
as well as introduce the history of Zaryadye district
and reveal the secrets of park’s construction.
Sightseeing Park Tour
The best way to get acquainted with the park is to take the sightseeing tour. You will learn about the planning, history of creation and the secrets of Zaryadye construction. You will see the main architectural objects of the park, visit the River Overlook and Glass Crust, get acquainted with the diversity of Russian nature from the northern landscapes to steppe and meadows, learn about the peculiarities of its maintenance in the city. The history of the ancient district of Zaryadye won’t stay unnoticed.
Duration: 45 minutes

Sightseeing Historical Tour
You will make a real journey into the past, get acquainted with the architectural monuments of different eras: the ancient temples of Varvarka Street, the chambers of the Romanov boyars and the old English court, as well as with the Kitaygorodskaya wall, the monument of fortification. You will learn the history of the oldest district of Moscow — Zaryadye, which played an important role in the development of the city.
Duration: 75 minutes

Excursion Zaryadye Park – Red Square – Alexander Garden
A walk in the historic center of Moscow is a great way to explore the city. You will get acquainted with the main attractions of the center of Moscow, learn the history of the ancient Kremlin and other architectural masterpieces located on the route. Surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will find Zaryadye Park, a place that unites history and modernity, the nature of Russia and high technology, science and entertainment.
Duration: 90 minutes

Merchant Kitay-Gorod
Look at the oldest district of Moscow after the Kremlin through the eyes of merchants of the 17th century, bankers of the 19th century, as well as Russian and foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen. You will find out where the famous Moscow merchants’ rows were and see how they look today; learn the rules of medieval trade, figure about the architectural preferences of Moscow merchants, and how the merchants transformed the capital and influenced the life of the country.

Excursion of the Northern Underpass
The first project of the Northern Underpass is dedicated to the global experiences that have arisen in connection with the pandemic. At this tour, you will learn about the works of contemporary Russian and foreign artists, represented at the project, and about the concept of the new space.

Secrets of the New Year
Feel the atmosphere of the New Year and Christmas, listen to the stories about holiday traditions and symbols on winter walking tour in Zaryadye. You will learn how the first electric garland was invented, study the New Year symbols, and understand why it is Santa Claus who brings gifts in Western culture, and Ded Moroz in Russian, and why he comes not alone, but with Snegurochka.

Audio Guide at Zaryadye
Get acquainted with the main places of the park at a comfortable pace. Start your self-guided tour anywhere or follow the route on the map.
Barrier-Free Environment "Walk in Zaryadye"
Duration: up to 60 minutes
A special route for visitors with special needs and parents with strollers. We tried to make the moving between points as comfortable as possible. You can take this rout independently — download a pdf map with the places description.


Places of the "Walk in Zaryadye" route:
1. Media Center
2. The platform in front of Media Center
3. The space between the hill of Northern Landscapes and Birch Grove
4. The space in front of Nature Center
5. The space between Coniferous Forest and Steppe
6. The River Overlook
7. The space in front of the Concert Hall
8. The platform in front of Underground Museum
9. The space between the restaurant and the Coastal Forest
If you have questions regarding the excursions, please contact the administrators of the Tourist Information Office by phone number +7 (495) 531–05–32  (09:00-20:00).
The application form for organized excursions can be downloaded here (in Russian).
The filled form should be sent by e-mail to
The rules for third-party guides conducting excursions on the territory of Zaryadye park can be found here (in Russian).

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